Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day 2 - Return to SMKSS17?

Continuation of Day 2
After returning from shopping with Damien, headed to lunch with Matthew and had a simple mixed rice dish with kangkung belacan (spicy veg), sticky sesame chicken and stir fried brinjal for only RM4! 1 euro for lunch...man I wish this was possible in Ireland

Then we decided to go disturb Xing as she was pretty much done with school. Little did we realise that they were having a club meeting. Then while we were there both of us caught up with the teachers that were there who remembered our names (wipes tears away). Even some teachers who taught me for 4 months remembered me after 3 years? Even if they had 1000s of students. Crazy talk!

Xing said something inappropriate as usual (in the backseat) Then returned to Carrefour to do some shopping for the Koperasi Day in SS17 on Thursday ( i think it's Thursday yes? ) 

Then joined up with Jessica soon after who fattishly woke up from her sleep after college and we stormed off to Chatime to get some bubble tea!

Tried the brown rice green milk tea with aloe vera jelly courtesy of Esther. Then we were being ridiculous..hiding by random triangular prism shaped signs from one another in the mall. Real mature guys..real mature

Then headed for dinner with Dad and Sammy at Asia Cafe where we feasted on a variety of local favourites
oyster omelette
deep fried mushrooms 
sweet and sour crab with their specially made fried bread!

Was absolutely delicious that I couldn't wait and dug in without taking a photograph.
Crabby smelling hands!

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