Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day 1 & 2 - Touchdown to le tanah air

1st July

I touched down to KLIA and was welcomed by the oh so wonderful Ken-Ji!
Who didn't change abit.
Thank you for waiting an extra hour at the airport since my luggage took so long to arrive on the belt.

What I didn't expect was to see this guy, Daniel Yoong! 
Who kindly lent Ken-Ji his car so he could come to get me at the airport

Then we went for breakfast! After driving from A to B to C trying to find a great dim sum place...we ended up at Kwai Sun in SS15 where the guys got dim sum but I had a sudden craving for claypot yee mee! So good 

Then Amanda Ooi came to pick me up from le food place and drove me to do my little errands from Empire to Subang Parade to Carrefour with her mad driving skills.

And Charlotte Ooi came as well! Just realised I hung out with the Ooi's. lol.

Then the girls came over to the house! Xing and her thighs. This is what happens when you don't want your face to be in the picture...Your thighs do instead.

Esther Kee who insisted on going to Burger Lab for dinner which wasn't even open on Mondays and who continuously played around with Michelle's Slap watch :)

Michelle who kindly paid for all our drinks hoozah for Michelle!

It was really nice just to sit around and talk for hours resulting in a horrible horrible dry throat and a slightly lost voice too. Sounds so sexy.

Then met up with Annesha for supper at Snowflakes and just managed to catch up over dessert

Several things I realised since I returned
  1. It's still as hot or hotter than ever but that's cool
  2. I'm still able to talk to all the buddies as if I never left
  3. Every single time we chat, it must be over food (typical Malaysians)

This awesome person didn't sleep a wink throughout the night and therefore was awake at five in the morning, which happened to be the same time I woke up and couldn't return to bed due to jet lag so...EARLY MORNING BREAKFAST IT WAS!

Finally got my kat zhai shun mui (lime with sour plum juice) which was highly missed was slightly bitter though.

And a delicious bowl of pork mee sua at the famous spot in SS15 and I was served in about 5 minutes which is by far the fastest I've ever gotten a bowl there (wasn't peak hour which was great!)

Then he amazingly accompanied to do more of mum's errands... which was buy loads and loads of different sauces from Carrefour which amounted to like almost RM300 which was ridiculous hahaha! and obviously caught up on so many things.

And in a couple of minutes gonna go meet up with Matthew and Jess! Woohoo

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