Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Goodbye Leaving Cert, Hello College!

After hours of fretting and walking that 5 minute walk to school (which really felt like hours) I received my envelope of my Leaving Certificate results.

As I clumsily opened the envelope, I then learnt of how God has blessed me more than I ever expected.

My no.1 choice on my CAO form is Psychology and Sociology in Trinity College Dublin.
The points needed for it is 585 points out of 600. And it even stated that those who managed to get those points didn't get a place last year as there were too many applicants.

Nevertheless, I put it on my CAO and surrendered it to God.

Little did I know he would grant me 595 points.
I was hoping for slightly above 500. 
But he gave me 595.
Something I would have never imagined.

A1s for Maths, Bio, Home Ec and Accounting
A2 for Music
B2 for English

God is truly amazing.

Claudia, Lauren, Roisin, Ruth and I at Wooden Spoon just after getting our results :)


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