Monday, 5 August 2013

Hello Ireland & all its rain

Had a sudden craving for chocolatey goodness when I woke up at 6 in the morning so decided to google the Internet for delicious recipes and boom I came across a flourless chocolate cake recipe which was absolutely sinful. It didn't become any healthier when I decided to top it with freshly whipped cream. I guess the strawbe-re-ries made it a tad bit more healthy ? :) Teehee. T'was eaten in a day... Obviously not by me alone.

My favourite person! :) We drove to Dublin along with the guys from R.A.O.K. as we went to see G perform at a gig which he absolutely killed (in a good way). Had awesome Macky-D's paid for by G which was an awesome treat. Not to forget that I managed to catch up with le people from Shannon.

Stopped by a petrol station and we bumped into Brendan Grace (middle) who is a famous Irish comedian! I didn't know it myself but the other guys were whispering to me - you have your camera...? Quickly!!

Caught up with the stunning woman, Denise who I must say looks absolutely fabulous in this photograph :)

G rapping and bouncing round the place, definitely making everyone else transition into le "hype" mode

Headed to Ziggy's (3rd from left) farewell BBQ as he's going to be moving up to the North in several days.

Caught up with Anna, Jade and Darragh too as we chatted around in Darragh's room while we listened to the sweet curses and shouts from Jade as they played Call of Duty :)

It's good to be back.
On another note, my results will be out in 9 days time! Egad!!

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