Thursday, 29 August 2013

The next 4 years, set in stone.

So here's a little recap of the chaos that has been happening since my results came out.

In the first round of offers, I didn't receive my first two choices which were both in Trinity. Instead, I received my 3rd offer which was Psychology in University City Dublin.

Not that I didn't think my 3rd offer was great, but I thought I had gotten enough points to meet the criteria of at least my 2nd choice.

After calling up the CAO, Trinity and my guidance counsellor, Ms Daly, I realised that Trinity had forgotten to recognise my foreign language - Malay which I sat for last year in London.

Thankfully Ms. Daly settled it all and I was promised my first choice when the second round of offers came around, which was this morning at 6am.

So praise the Lord, I have gotten into Trinity College Dublin and will begin my journey there on the 16th of September 2013 and I shall be studying Psychology and Sociology!

Exciting next 4 years eh? :)

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