Saturday, 21 September 2013

A familiar face

Say hello to Chris!
A couple of months ago I realised that he actually came to Dublin to study at RCSI. Since I was living in Killaloe it was a tad far to travel just for a visit. However since I've come to study in Dublin as well, made it a point to meet up. And it was a fabulous day indeed. The sun came out to shine and the wind went into hiding. Tourists were flooding the streets and we headed to get some nomalicious burritos at Tolteca.

Interesting to see him after so many years! 
All I remember was when we were 13 years old. Kinda creepy.
But cool to see how far we've come! 
Fellow Malaysian in Dublin :) 
Was cool to catch up on stories and all that jazz.

And now here comes the first weekend in Dublin..Nothing to do so I shall cook! :)

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