Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Hobbit's Birthday at the Shire

Say hello to Abigail or as we call her, Abbey/Abby/A-bee. A wonderful friend who I've only known for the past 2 weeks from the Christian Union in Trinity who invited me to her birthday today!.
Thought the least I could do was bake the cake
(displayed in le picture, no I didn't bake the sparklers. Wish I did. Imagine. EDIBLE SPARKLERS!)

She decided to make her birthday Hobbit themed, complete with Ginger ale, a variety of cheeses, crispy bacon, lembas elf bread, and music from the Shire playing in the background.
It was the most interesting birthday I've ever been to in my life! The lighting and the music made it seem as if we were in the movie! Lembas elf bread is delicious mind you.

Spend the night playing ridiculous games and having non stop eating, shoving all sorts of food into our mouths the moment we got near to anything edible.
Laughed ourselves silly with the variety of odd and comical games that were there.
Played Chinese pictionary which was amazing. It's a mixture of Chinese whispers and Pictionary. Slightly hard to explain but we were in stitches at the end of the night.

The beautiful woman herself! Absolutely love this photograph of her.
And she says she hates pictures of herself..
Pish posh.

A couple of us smashing into the wonderful reflective surface provided in the living room.
Y'know, the...mirror?

And she even gave little personal door gifts for each of us as she said that hobbits give presents to their guests. And I got colour pencils! (Screams with utter enjoyment)
Ah it was such a lovely fun night :)

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