Sunday, 22 September 2013

A not so lazy day

Hung out with my flatmates last nice for the first time! Juliana and Isa.
Since Oktoberfest was on in Dublin, we went to check it out.
It was flooded with people and the smell of freshly cooked German sausages were in the air. Not to forget the litres upon litres of beer. However, I just opted for the hot dogs instead.

 Genuinely enjoyed the night with them as the music was amazing and the tunes just made you wanna dance.
Songs from ABBA and Grease the musical came up can you not dance to those? :)
Who said you need booze to have a good night :)?

Went to St. Mark's Church in Dublin to check it out for the first time and enjoyed the worship oh so much. If I closed my eyes and listened to the music it was like listening to a CD. Sat down in a random row of people and then only realised throughout the service that they were all from Malaysia or Singapore.

Kinda hilarious!
One from KL, Tawau, Sibu and then Singapore. Such a small world.
And of course..they were all studying Medicine.
Go figure. Haha.

Then as typical Asians we went for lunch to makan (eat) !
Went to the same noodle shop I went with my parents the other day. Lee's Charming noodles.
Delicious humongous bowl of braised beef noodles.
Shared with more people so that everything was more delicious!
And since the weather is heavenly today....I'm gonna stay home and laze on the couch to relax.
My only day of relaxation as compared to my past week of a hectic schedule.
Not to forget, an even more hectic week awaits me.
College is officially gonna begin tomorrow. First lecture coming up!

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