Monday, 16 September 2013

First Day of Orientation!

The sun was shining down on Trinity as hoped for and not a drop of rain was in sight.
Tons upon tons of clubs and societies had set up their little tent offering free food and drinks to any student who signed up.

Obviously, it attracted every single one of us, stingy broke students who only seem to love food.
In total I joined 10 clubs and societies, which would probably be impossible to attend..but I'll at least get to try each one (sort of)

So what exactly did I join?
  1. Christian Union
  2. Psychological society
  3. Philosophical society
  4. Korean society
  5. Japanese Society
  6. Trinity Singers
  7. DU Dance
  8. DU Players
  9. Food and Drinks Club
  10. International Students Club - DUISS

Met up with le best bud who had no classes today and came from All Hallows College :)!
T'was great to spend a couple of hours wandering around the place and bringing her to see my apartment at the end of the day. We miss you Phelim.
Oh we miss you. Hahaha :)

Jummy joined us as well as she too is a freshie in Trinity.

So t'was a lovely day indeed.
Overflowing with goodie bags and pamphlets.
Not to mention a good load of walking for the day.
Never did so much exercise in my life (gasps)


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