Sunday, 15 September 2013

Flying the coop

Met up with Gabby on the Friday in UL as Athiei wanted to catch up with her as well.
Bumped into so many other people in UL which made them think I had begun my first year of college there.
But nah, was just browsing through :)

Athiei and I headed over to Olio and Farina in Limerick for a lovely dinner.
Lasagna with fresh garden salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar together with slices of toasted bread

Then we headed for an impromptu movie at Odeon Cinemas and managed to watch "About Time"
Lovely movie with many itty bitty twists and turns. 
Thank you Athiei for treating me to a day of fun and wonderful memories :)

Then today le mum and dad brought me over to Dublin for my first official day of moving up.
 I arrived with my crazy amount of luggage (inclusive of rice pot and all) and we went for a nomalicious dinner at the nearby "Lee's Charming Noodle" shop.

So here, I've arrived at my new home, pretty much in the city center of Dublin!

Bring it on Trinity! :)

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