Thursday, 19 September 2013

Let the mingling begin

So I've finally managed to meet some of my Psychology mates.
Got to meet our student mentor and had the whole "ice breaking" session with one another.
Here's Ruth and Jessica! 

Then the Christian Union had free lunch today for whoever wanted it. 
So, why shouldn't I, a student, avail of such glorious opportunities eh?
Not to mention a great way to meet other people from different courses and ages.

Met the hilarious brother and sister that were extremely fun to be with.
Already singing at the top of our lungs across the streets of Dublin while quoting every possible Disney movie. Along with Connor as well :).  Ah such quirky unique personalities everywhere.



Lorna said...

Hi Audrey!
Your blog is gorgeous, and I love the pictures, keep on posting, its LOVELY! See you at Christian Union!
Lorna xx

a.c.e. said...

Hello there Lorna! :)

Thank you so much to see that you've enjoyed the little snippets of my life. I shall C U indeed :P