Friday, 6 September 2013

The memories before college

Before college begins and we split our ways, nothing's better than meeting up with the favourite faces under the Irish sun to laugh and giggle. 
These are a few of mine.
Meet Phelim a.k.a Phlegm. and Anna.

The people you know you can be absolutely as you are, filled with ridiculousness and hideousness.
With random statements and 7 second videos.

Because you know that at the end of it all, they will laugh with you.
When you share the same interests, the same humour.

Or sometimes they're probably laughing at you. Who cares? :)

Meet Kesiah, who's going off to Cork. One of the Maglaque's who I love being "Asian" with. 
Who else would you laugh and joke with about Kpop and how some songs become just so ridiculous that it becomes so catchy...

"Bar bar bar - Crayon Pop"
(Explains the photograph by the way)

And obviously, the man who will be in Limerick who doesn't want to smile :) - Athiei
Might be far away, but it's nothing a bus, car or train won't fix!
Or even a Skype call, facebook message or a text on the ol' mobile phone.


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