Sunday, 27 October 2013

Derry International Choir Competition

So since college began, I joined the Trinity Singers society and got placed in the Boydell choir.
In the society there are 3 different choirs - Singers, Boydell and Trinitones.
For the past weekend we all headed up to Derry to compete in the Derry International Choir Competition

And guess what!
Both Boydell and the Singers choir came first in their own respective categories! 
Videos of the performances will be down below.

My roommates in the hostel we were in (missing a few though!)
We were placed in this extraordinary room that could fit 9 of us on three TRIPLE bunk beds.
Had an amazing time in Derry. Definitely was a great weekend!

Videos of performances are below!:

Boydell singing De Bello Gallico

Boydell singing Jaakobin Pojat

Singers singing O Radiant Dawn

Singers singing Serenissima Una Noche 

Trinitones performing a rendition of Father Ted 

Trinitones performing Use Somebody

Hope you enjoyed the songs :) 
I know it's slightly different from your typical songs..but hey!
Sounds amazing.

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