Monday, 4 November 2013

A Malaysian, Singaporean, UK surprise

Got a random text from Jeremy as he said that we was coming to Dublin and it went along the lines of this..:

Jeremy: Hey, I'm coming to Dublin you know!
Audrey: Awesome, when??
Jeremy: Tomorrow!
Audrey: WHAT?!

Jeremy brought his classmate over from the UK as well who's from Singapore! - Joshua Ang!
So I became their little personal tour guide around Dublin 
(As if I've been around for that long, only 6 weeks really)

So I too shared in the joy of hopping from one tourist location to another.
Dublin Castle being one of them

Had to make sure they had their taste of Irishness all congested into their few days and they did get a number of Irish experiences indeed.

  1. They experienced lashing rain and gusty wind which broke billions of brollies
  2. They had the Irish coffee & Butler's Hot Chocolate
  3. They had the ol' Bacon and Cabbage and Lamb Stew

    4.  They saw the Book of Kells, the Old Library in Trinity, Dublin Castle, the Guinness Brewery

    5.  They had a pint of Guinness

    6.  They learnt the words slainte and pog ma thoin

Was pretty hilarious hanging out with the two, while conversing in "attempted" fluent Malay while keeping in mind that Josh was from Singapore and not Malaysia..

Thanks for letting me tag along to your trip guys, was really absolutely wonderful!
Not to mention for treating me to meals, places and overflowing kindness.
I had a BLAST!

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