Sunday, 10 November 2013

Ambassador of Trinity!

T'was a lovely Sunday morning which wasn't able to be spent snuggling in bed.
In fact, I had to go to college! Nah, not to actually attend any non-existent classes, but to meet up with the other 4 student ambassadors from Trinity College as we were going to....

The Student Ambassador Blog Training Programme by Education Ireland.
This was hosted by Griffith College Dublin.

(Photo credits to Claire Dalton)
There were roughly 50 other ambassadors from different institutions around the country.
More than 10 different nationalities represented within that group of 50. 
And every single one studying a different course from the other.

Basically the training is to help us know how to blog for them as one of our duties as an ambassador is to blog on the Education of Ireland blog. So we got the lowdown on conveying information through different mediums.

But not only were we expected to attend the training, but we were given a first hand experience of true Irish sport - Gaelic Football and Hurling.

So for the first time in my 3 years here in Ireland, I attempted those two games.
Miserably failing at it I might add, but it was fun to understand the workings of it.
Hurling was much more fun, I might add.

But the best part was meeting new people - for example, Alisha!
Which was rather humorous as my fail of an Indian accent popped up.

Had a ball of a time.
T'was lovely.
Especially since we ended the day with a ceili dance!

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