Monday, 25 November 2013


Had a wee reunion with Anna, Phelim and Stuey as they came over to my house for lunch. 
Spaghetti by Audrey
Garlic bread and soft drinks by Anna 
Dish washing by Phelim and Stuey!
Was cool just to catch up over the past few months since we last saw each other in Killaloe.

Anna, Phelim and I headed over to the o2 Arena to watch The Lumineers which was a pretty spontaneous adventure. This was planned about 1 or 2 weeks ago when we decided that Phelim would go to his first concert.

Thanks to my wonderful hunting skills, we were able to snag 3 standing tickets to the concert for only 25 euro each ! (Original price was 35)

Best part was that we managed to squeeze to the very front row of the concert and it was pretty darn cool.
Felt like stealing the glorious cello (on the left)
It was a cool concert, aside from the fact I got elbowed in the eyeball by some girl trying to catch the flying drumstick in the air.

Bumped into Noel and Lauren while we were there too but alas, they were on the other side of the stage. 
And...we didn't want to lose our spots in the front if we had to find them. Or we could have just been mauled by angry fans.

Phelim and Anna headed back to my house for the night before saying our goodbyes in the morning.
Was a lovely catch up time guys
Can't wait to see you guys during the Christmas break once more!

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