Sunday, 15 December 2013

너무 맛있서요! Neomu Mashiseoyo!

As I'm taking Korean optional classes in college and the semester just ended, we decided to put our 'ordering' skills into practice by eating some scrumplicious Korean food at Hophouse/Kimchi on Parnell Street.

Also, to celebrate the fact that we completed our group skit project conversing in Korean for 5 whole minutes. (yes it is a lot of time okay)

I had the Doenjang Jjigae (된잔찌개) which is a tofu stew which came together with kimchi, pickled cucumber, beansprouts and sweet fried tofu. T'was delish.

Who came to the dinner you ask?

John! Mr. Minam 미남! Who was the star of our Korean 5 minute skit.

Kat, the beautiful host in our play who oozed enthusiasm through every single line.

Orla, who looks absolutely stunning in this photograph and was an excellent manager (sajangnim 사잔님) in her skit.

Damien, who played two characters in his play - the waiter and the customer simultaneously.
Stealthily being distinguished by the presence of a "waiter's" paper hat 

Anna and I, who were both contestants on the talk show battling out to win John's heart.

We also ended the night with lovely green tea ice cream which was AHmazing.

Such an amazing group of people :)
Had a GREAT time with them :)

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