Monday, 30 December 2013

The Cliche Reminiscent Post

My time devoted to blogging has decreased massively due to college and work. I do feel slightly sad that I haven't been as regular as I used to be, but let me write this typical post of the year past. Initially, I wanted to list down significant events chronologically but decided to do otherwise.

It has been a long eventful year filled with bittersweet memories

But essentially what did I learn this year?

  1. God gives you more than you expect
  2. We give up on God even though He reveals Himself to us because we focus on things we don't have.
  3. Life is full of reset buttons may it be friends, goals or self character
  4. Self reevaluation is essential. We can never be as perfect as God, but we can strive towards that goal. Always remind yourself that you can be better. 

I can be more loving
I can be more patient
I can be more forgiving
I can be more courageous
I can be more than I was yesterday

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