Saturday, 11 January 2014


Before the second semester begins, nothing's better than to 'cool' off by slicing up some ice.
Isa (centre) proposed that we would go ice skating together and thankfully she suggested it today!
Why? It seems that the ice rinks would be closed come Monday.
Unfortunately not everyone could come but got to go out with Carmen, my new flatmate from Mexico.

The last time I skated was two years ago. However, both of them were first-timers on the ice.
Initially they were glued to the walls but eventually they ventured out into the open space.
Was interesting to attempt skating to the beat of the songs at the rink.

Not to mention,
Hoo-rah for student prices at The Point !

After skating, the appetite normally goes on a rampage.
So, I met up with Fran├žois and Kirsten for dinner and had a nice catch up. It was supposed to be a reunion for the entire Boydell choir, but it resulted in just the three of us which was nice too :)

What's coming up next?
An authentic Mexican dinner tomorrow courtesy of Carmen's friends!

Athiei coming up to Dublin for the week

Classes begin on Monday

Maroon Five concert on Thursday

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