Friday, 17 January 2014

Maroon 5 Live in Dublin

Athiei bought me tickets to see Maroon 5 for the Birthniversamas (Birthday+anniversary+Christmas) present, so at we happily arrived at the O2 Stadium yesterday looking forward to witnessing Maroon 5 and their supporting acts

PJ Morton opened up the concert with a bang. Personally, I have never heard his music but was blown away by his talent. His tone was good, his instrumentation was excellent and his pitch was perfect. He knew his chromatic scale very well and used it to the full. He's also the current keyboardist for Maroon 5 themselves.

Next up was Robin Thicke. I was rather disappointed in his performance. Didn't enjoy it very much until he played Blurred Lines as his final songs. Got rather annoyed by his performance. Not to mention he began one of his songs off key in total. Personally I think most people were interested in his back up singers more than him.

Then the man of the hour finally appeared and made the concert absolutely amazing. They performed both his newer songs and the older tunes that we caused us to fall in love with their music in the first place. 
One annoying thing though was that people were recording every single song they sang and weren't actually enjoying the concert itself. Fine, if you want to take one or two songs, but the entire concert? 

The most annoying part was when people were changing the camera from horizontal to vertical (irked) 

The entire band was very talented and had amazing stage presence.

Thank you lovey for getting me those tickets! :)

Oh and the other day we stopped by Wagamama for some Japanese food.
It was tasty, but it tasted nothing like Japanese food (disappointed)
Will try out Yamamori instead in the future as I heard good reviews about their food.

So college has begun earlier this week and I've only 11 hours in my schedule this semester.

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