Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Post Birthday Celebrations

As the month of January 2014 comes to an end, suddenly a flourish of birthday celebrations happened.
Firstly, I went back for the weekend to Killaloe and got a lovely surprise from dearest Anna who gave me a belated birthday bag containing

a necklace
a muffin
and a unlit candle (particularly loved this)

So our little Phelim grew up and became legal over the weekend! He blew out his 18 candles while we "trashed" his house and claimed that we were to stay over without even asking him.
That's what friends are for! :) In total 4 of us decided to stay over.

Stu was there and he baked an absolutely delicious strawberry cheese cake with fresh strawberries on top. Was interesting to meet all the oldies again and catch up.

Look at the scrumplicious cake!!

Darragh was there as well looking all spiffy and healthy again.
The last time I saw him he was wrapped up in layers of clothes with a Rudolph-red nose.

And of course darling Anna was there and we were able to catch up on silly times once more.
Not to mention we kicked Phelim out of his own bed and we stole it!

Phelim, the "best" big brother in the whole wide world. I'm sure Aideen would agree.

Another birthday celebration we had was Franco's! (third from left)
Carmen threw him a surprise birthday party and prepared a delicious spread of food and drinks. 

Not to forget she baked an amazing Triple Milk Cake (pastel de las tres leches)
which was extremely delicious. It's basically a sinful chocolate cake drenched a bottle of fresh cream, a can of evaporated milk and a can of condensed milk. Even though the topping was supposed to be meringue based, she changed it to fruits instead which was slightly "healthier" I suppose.

Thank you for the random people who told me that they still read my blog.
I was wondering if anyone still bothered (giggle)


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