Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Teenage Years Have Gone

So the odd 20 years have passed and I'm officially no longer a teenager. It's kinda strange because this is possibly the most quiet birthday I've ever had in my entire life. No party, no get together, just a simple dinner with the family.

Well yesterday it was a blessing that Aunt Pearl cooked up a storm and made me a lovely card signed by the peeps at church.

Sinead didn't fail to bake something once more, delicious cupcakes.

Mum surprised me at midnight with a cupcake, a bowl of peanut tong yuen and a card as well.

Got a lovely phone call from Kah Chun and numerous Whatsapp messages, Facebook messages, text messages and all that jazz. Thank you for all those who genuinely remembered and all those who relied on Facebook reminders (snigger)

Seems like the holidays are about to come to an end. Heading back to Dublin in a few days and college begins once more! Hopefully this semester won't be as busy as the last!

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