Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Boston - Seafood Paradise

My past weekend was spent several miles away from Ireland together with my family.
A trip to Boston was how my reading week began! 
(Therefore not a single bit of reading...well, could be debatable)

We stayed at the Midtown hotel which was situated at the Back Bay of Boston.
Only a stone's throw away from both the Sympony and the Prudential Train Station which made it really handy in getting places. Not to forget that the Prudential Centre was really near (free WiFi!)

Our hotel was filled with random vending machines in various corners.
Perhaps the regular drink machine, an ice cream machine and even freshly made pizza? 
Well that's new!

A large part of our adventure revolved around food (go figure).
So be warned that this post will be flooded with mouth-watering delicacies starting with a bowl of

Mexican gumbo with rice, pinto beans, cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole

Japanese chicken and shrimp teriyaki served on a bed of steamed rice and stir fried vegetables

Key lime and banana cheesecake from 
The Cheesecake Factory

Did I mention that it was snowing over in Boston and it was the thickest snow I've ever seen.
I know it's not much in comparison to many other countries but hey,

my feet are missing! :)

Sonya and I were "building a snowman" while singing along to songs from the Frozen Soundtrack.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention who exactly I went to Boston with.

Mum, Dad and my sister, Sonya

I began stalking fat little squirrels around too and this one especially loved the camera.

We stopped by the Quincy Market which is a heaven for food lovers as it only consists of food stall after food stall, with random merchandise being sold just outside the walls.

A large variety of caramel, chocolate and candied apples all ready to send its buyer to the nearest dentist.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Pretzels that teach you how to spell!

Found an amusing Psychology related mug and figured that my trip was slightly more educational all of a sudden.

A trip to Boston wouldn't be complete without a bread bowl of clam chowder 

Steamed lobster served with melted butter and corn on the cob

Fillet of swordfish on rice

Baked scallops rolled up with bacon on a skewer

Sonya and I walked near the bay  and it was absolutely gorgeous!

And we visited the Boston Tea Party Museum 
(well only the outside and the gift shop due to the pricey entrance fee) 
It was nice though to see it with my own eyes due to the constant mentioning of the event in my Political Science module which I often feel lost in.

We also dropped by a really cool Mexican eatery, Border Cafe.
It had an amazing atmosphere and a refillable bucket of freshly made nacho chips which were divine!
My steak was so juicy too!

We stopped by Harvard University and wandered around the grounds.
Unfortunately it was a Sunday so the student-run tours weren't available.

Our seafood adventure didn't end as Sonya treated us to a dinner at Legal Sea Foods.

Grilled salmon, scallops and shrimp with cheesy broccoli and fried chips

Grilled shrimp with jalapeno cheesy polenta and mashed potatoes

Vanilla ice cream with a hot banana infused rum 

Blood oranges!
Intriguing colour eh?

French toast with potato tots and maple syrup

which was my last breakfast in Boston.
So as you can see, food tends to be my attraction!

Had a gurr...reat time there! 
Second time in the States woohoo!

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