Friday, 7 February 2014

Chinese Cultural Festival at Trinity! & more food!

For three hours, the exam hall in Trinity didn't look the same. It definitely didn't have any exams running at the time. Instead, it was transformed into a little Chinese cultural exhibition which captured the key essence of what is involved in the entire celebration of Chinese New Year.

And yes, the celebration never lasts for just one day.
What kind of celebration lasts for just one day? Haha!

Chinese traditional Han costumes of striking colours were displayed for anyone to try on and to smile for the cameras to capture the moment. Those who were shy at trying them on could just opt for the other choice of taking a photograph with a random person of your choice. 

There were also the traditional costumes for men as wonderfully modelled by Jackey, the president of the Chinese Society. Asia Market also came and provided us with a wide variety of FREE (yes, free) absolutely free snacks which was 

Mmm mmm delish!

There was the opportunity to attempt your skills at Chinese caligraphy or you could get your face painted too with little flags, Chinese words, flowers and all that sort

Was able to tarik (pull) some Malaysians in when I saw them walking across the front square of Trinity by screaming welcome and happy chinese new year in Malay.

Was really cool to converse in my oh-so-fasih (fluent) Malay. I was rather shocked at the rate of fluency that I was still able to speak with..."bangganya!" (proud). Made three new friends who were actually students of UCD but came over to Trinity for a pop by.

Then after classes, we headed over to Lao Hotpot Buffet on Parnell Street for a never ending supply of good food. We each got our own personal hot pot of soup (different flavour choices)! 
Not to forget,we could take as much vegetables, seafood and noodles as we liked to add to our  pot.

If you were wondering about the meat, they gave a full dinner plate of raw meat to each person (to be cooked o' course) 

Had a great day continuing the celebration of Chinese New Year with fresh new faces :)
I rolled back home very content indeed
Bloatation alert!

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