Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Emily's Birthday & the Reunion with le Sis

Emily turned 19 today!! (right) So we headed over to KC Peaches for a chat over tea.
They have so many types of cakes and tarts that ordering becomes such a dilemma.

I tried something new which was a raspberry tart with pistachios if i'm not mistaken that's what the green things are.

Warm rich latte 
coffee lover!

Emily's Strawberry custard tart with freshly whipped cream.

Yukiko was also there so we just had two hours of chit chat over delicious food

The food adventure didn't end there as I met up with my family for dinner at the Vietnamese restaurant on Parnell Street, 
Pho Viet

Had a big bowl of spicy noodle soup with sliced beef and beansprouts

Le parents

And le sister has flown over the seas from Malaysia to visit for the week!
Was really nice catching up over food since i haven't seen her for almost a year now.
Well here's to the next week with her around!

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