Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Kah Chun in Dublin

Kah Chun popped by to visit once more as he was having his reading week!
This time instead of meeting up in Killaloe, he came up to Dublin and I brought him to see the Book of Kells along with the Trinity Library.

I have a feeling that I will be making many more trips to this venue since I get to bring friends in for free.

Not to forget that I cooked a pot of mee rebus which he gobbled up while animatedly crying with joy
home cooked food....wuuuuuuu TT...

Also baked a batch of the Betty Crocker cookies from the mix that Athiei bought me for Valentines Day.
They were pretty good, all scoffed up within a day!

Became slightly touristy as I began to photograph Kah Chun a million times in different areas within the college. 
I have to admit that Trinity College does have an amazing campus and it's great for photography.

He didn't complain as now he has a new set of potential profile pictures and cover photos for Facebook.

Met up with Ian (new friend!) at the Chinese restaurant - Lau Hot pot on Parnell Street and was treated to a delicious meal!

Thank you Kah Chun!

Had the bowl of hot pot with a buffet of fresh seafood and vegetables to choose from while they both ordered different bibimbaps (mixed rice in a hot stone bowl)

Had a really nice time catching up with a fellow Malaysian as usual.
Thanks for ringing me when you came up to Dublin :)
Thoroughly enjoyed our time together!

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