Saturday, 1 February 2014

The impromptu Chinese New Year Party

So it was the day of Chinese New Year and I was invited to an impromptu party at Iwan's house.
As it was a Friday night with absolutely no plans, why not eh?

Presenting Iwan, the half Chinese, half Welsh and his magnificent drawer of spices. 
As we had no food, some people brought their own while some were making it there and then.

Was really cool to see a "factory-like" scene occurring in his kitchen as freshly made dumplings were made along with steamed pork buns. 

Not to mention made many new friends including Emily who's half Irish and half Japanese!
Yukiko was there too so we were able to have a little additional spark to the Asian pool.
Was so intriguing to listen to their conversations as I felt like I was watching a live anime scene of some sort.

Emily made dorayaki (japanese pancakes) with red bean filling!!! (screams in delight)
Something I haven't eaten in years and it tasted extremely delicious!

The food spread was finally complete with roast duck, char siew (roasted sweet pork), fried dumplings, steamed pork buns and some drinks on the side.

This Chinese New Year definitely had an entirely different twist to all my past experiences.
I welcomed in the new year with an unexpected group of wonderful people.
We laughed, cooked, talked, took photographs.....and eventually cleaned up. 

The night even ended with random mini hailstones from the sky and some decided to fall into our mouths while we were screaming down the road.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!
Gong Xi Fat Cai :)

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