Sunday, 23 March 2014

Foodies with the Flaties

After a long period of time without communal dinners with the flatmates,
Karmen suggested to get it started all over again! So..I decided to cook

mi bandung (a noodle dish in a spicy peanut sauce)
However I did modify the ingredients a little due to availability of ingredients and all that jazz.

So instead of seafood, I used shredded chicken (since it was a cheaper option)
Got fresh egg noodles instead of yellow mee (which I can't seem to find anywhere)
And the lack of soup in the photograph is because Isa found it too spicy to add loads of it

Carmen then made a delicious lemon-essence cheesecake with fresh fruit on the top and a delicious digestive biscuit base.

So sinful!

Juliana. Anja. Isa. Carmen and myself

Intercultural indeed :)

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