Thursday, 27 March 2014

Off to Krakow in the Summer!

After the long application process, I finally received the news that I was accepted to go for one of the Learning Enterprise's programmes during this summer!

For a month from the June - July I will be travelling to 
Krakow, Poland 
in order to teach English as a volunteer!! 
Hours after my Skype interview I received the offer letter through my e-mail and was absolutely elated.

I'm terribly excited and can't wait for this upcoming summer!
In thanking God for the opportunity, I will be living with a Polish foster family for the entire time which is amazing.

However, travel and food costs outside of the programme do add up and for me, it will cost roughly around 
800 euros.

I would appreciate any donations in aid of this programme.
Even a euro will be extremely welcome.

On the other hand,
 I'm also willing to....
  1. bake (any particular dessert you prefer, I'm pretty handy at baking!) 
  2. give piano lessons for a negotiable fee
  3. Work any summer job from the middle of May to June 23rd!

So drop me a message on Facebook if you're interested!! :)

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