Monday, 17 March 2014

Psych Ball: Prohibition

Last Friday, I attended my first ever ball/prom/debs due to missing both my prior ones in both my secondary schools (Ireland and Malaysia)

The Psychology Society organised a ball with a 1920s theme at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Santry.
Instead of paying for an expensive taxi home, a couple of us decided to get a room in the hotel instead!
The cost worked out almost the same and we got a room in a 4* hotel!

The best part was getting ready together.
Thanks to the abundance of available mirrors in the room, we were able to get ready simultaneously.
The room smelt of make up, nail polish and hair spray
Best air. Ever.

Jessica, Rachel, Orla, Nessa and myself all dolled up.

T'was really nice spending time with them because it's not exactly the easiest to get to know each other during lectures. Not to forget that since I'm doing Sociology as well, we have less modules in common.

Our ticket into the ball! 
Was so convenient to just leave all our belongings and go downstairs for the event.
No need for extra coats and all that jazz!

The other girls who were all dressed to the nines as well.

And the oh-so-gorgeous Laura! (middle)

Starter - Chicken Caesar Salad with croutons

Main Course - Sliced turkey and ham with mashed potatoes, carrots and gravy

Dessert - Triple Chocolate mouse with whipped cream and a strawberry slice

With Stephen and his girl, Lucy :)

Photo Credits: Psychsoc

The best part of the night was the dancing and that's for sure. Initially the music was extremely bland but the minute the good tunes came along, the dancing couldn't stop.

Had an amazing time with getting to know everyone even more until the wee hours in the morning.

Since we didn't have breakfast supplied by the hotel and a neither did we have an accessible fridge, we brought our own awesome Coco Pops and milk. But since we had no fridge to keep the milk cold overnight, we used our bath instead.

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