Monday, 17 March 2014

St Paddy's Weekend in Dublin!

Athiei came up for St. Paddy's Weekend and we headed to church together on the Sunday.
We were welcomed with free brooches of real bunches of shamrocks for those who forgot to dress in their hue of green.

The worship team definitely dressed up for the occasion and they it was a great time of worship.
We got to learn the true story of who St. Patrick really was too!

Fun Facts about St. Patrick
  1. He was sold as a slave from the UK to Ireland for 6 years when he was 16
  2. He escaped from slavery and returned to his family and acclaims it to the fact that Jesus set him free.
  3. Since he believed that Jesus did that, he returned to Ireland to preach the Gospel as he felt that was his calling.
  4. He continued to preach the Christian Gospel in Ireland for years by using a shamrock as a symbol of the Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  5. He did not preach Catholicism even though that is often assumed by many today.
  6. He supposedly died on March 17 and therefore it's now a national holiday in Ireland
  7. The focus on binge drinking during St. Patrick's Day only arose in the early 1990s 
We headed over to Bar 52 for lunch as Groupon was doing a great deal
14 euros for 2 people to get spicy hot chicken wings, a burger, chips and a salad.
The chicken wings were absolutely divine!

And then we decided to try the mocktails, Tequila Sunrise and Sex on the beach 
Which were pretty good. Prefer the former though :)

Then we met up with Rachael and Brendan Walsh for coffee at Starbucks for a little catch-up session

As Monday arrived, we headed over to see the parade in Dublin City Centre for the first time

Met up with two of Athiei's college mates from UL, Morgan and Juho!

Thanks to a certain tall person, I was able to get some decent shots of the floats and they were much more impressive than the St. Patrick's parades I've attended before.

Giant creepy looking sun.

Ginormous Avatar-like creature

Like some skeletons anyone?

Then we returned to my house for some lunch with the additional Chun who we successfully found in the large crowd. it's back to college work (sighs)
The weekend was great though :)

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