Friday, 11 April 2014

Award Ceremony for Education in Ireland

Wearing my mother's baju kebaya, one of Malaysia's national costumes, I headed off to the

Education in Ireland's International Ambassador Award Ceremony 

which was held at the Farmleigh House in Phoenix Park

The Minister of Education, Ruairi Quinn awarded each of the 48 recipients around Ireland with a certificate to acknowledge our involvement as an international student ambassador for Education in Ireland

What did we do exactly as student ambassadors?
We contributed 2 articles to the Education in Ireland blog regarding out experiences here in Ireland as international students.

These were the blogs that I wrote for them - click here

I was also given the honour of upholding the Malaysian flag during the photography session.
And yes, I know it is utterly similar to the flag of the United States...but it's not
(which happened to be directly on my left which added to the confusion)

They fed us well with fancy little bowls of a variety of food!
The reason why there's only a photograph of salad was because I was too busy scoffing other things down

What did they have?
Chicken Salad
Skewered prawns and chicken
Smoked salmon on brown bread and cream cheese
Lamb Goulash
Creamy salmon and prawn chowder
Couscous with chickpeas and peppers
Teas, coffees, juices and soft drinks!

Not to forget, the Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Enda Kenny was present as well and I managed to snag a couple of selfies with him after directly asking him

"Sir, would it be okay to take a selfie with you?"

Was definitely worth the shot

Not to forget, I bonded with the other 3 fellow Malaysian ambassadors
Kevin Tan
Eileen Tan
Wan Hariz

Hariz happened to be from SMK Seafield and was even classmates with some of my friends (such a small world) and he's studying in Dublin too!

And obviously we ended the event with a trip to the oldest pub in Ireland "The Brazen Head".
We even got two free drinks thanks to Education in Ireland! 

Was a great great great day.
Loved every second of it :)

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Marta Welker said...

Gorgeous day!!!! Congrats!!! :)