Wednesday, 9 April 2014

God's Abundance

So last week I began my first fundraising initative in order to raise funds for my volunteer trip to Poland. 
I brought buckets of cookies to my classes as well as to one of the practices of the Boydell choir and asked for donations in exchange for munchies.

Why am I raising funds for this? Full details are here

However there has been some additional expenses and it looks like I will be needing to raise
1000 euros

This is to cover flights to Poland, travel within Poland, hostels and food within poland and a contribution to Learning Enterprises as they are a volunteer student-run program.

I'm not the only one who's having to do this as Athiei too was given the opportunity to be part of this program. So recently we too had a fundraising for him at church by selling baked goods.

And after everything, I must thank GOD for so many things.

for giving BOTH of us this wonderful opportunity to go and volunteer in the summer

for giving us opportunities to fundraise and providing generous people around us as so far I have raised 235 euros and Athiei has raised 165 euros

for giving me a part-time job which will help contribute to my expenses

Sometimes it's uncanny how much God can give us even though we are far from the ideal person.
God is Grace
He is Grace :)

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