Thursday, 8 May 2014

Almost there!

After studying Psychology for the entire day, I realised how much I miss blogging!
So here's a little update of my whereabouts of late.

I've been having my first run through university exams and I'm delighted to say that they will end this Saturday.
Not only that, but I'm ecstatic that all my first four exams were essay-based are done with!
I still cannot get my head around. I've written 13 long essays in the past week! 
Gonna have my first and last MCQ exam for the year come Saturday.

And then freedom will arrive for the next FOUR months (wonderful isn't it?)

Last Sunday I had lunch at Cho Rong's house after church which was spontaneous and delicious at the same time. Had some home cooked pork bulgogi (돼지 불고기) with cold noodles (비빔면).
Had a quick survey of the various Korean sauces and ingredients she had in her home so I can experiment with them myself too!

Received several things in the mail this week (always a happy feeling) and I'm still waiting for more things in the mail!

Received some travel wallets in preparation for my trip to Poland and the longer way back (inter-railing back to Ireland). Yes Audrey needs to be organised with her documents or she'll lose them all.

And received a surprise postcard (photograph) by Schaefer, good friend from Malaysia who happened to be in Taipei for a holiday! Of course he had to misspell my name after all this years to Audrey Chey. Was wondering for a moment if he purposely did that too. 

Not to forget my lovely housemates have been baking/cooking yummy delicious food for me to indulge in while my brains slowly rot from the information overload. The above is Carmen's delicious apple pie. Had a taste of Juliana's chicken pie the other day too and I'm snagging those recipes!

So...much for exercise hmm?
Shall get back to that after the examinations of course....(I really should)

the past few weeks have been overwhelmed with job applications and mini fundraising efforts for the trip to Poland. Which by the way, I have learnt that I won't actually be teaching in Krakow but another village within Poland (which I do not know yet but I shall keep you posted!). We're just required to arrive in Krakow, get an orientation and disperse to our respective villages.

Sounds like a plan!
By the way I've decided to do a little self-promoting-employment

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Cheers guys :)
And thank you for all those who have already contributed in some shape or form because I truly appreciate every single ounce of help!

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