Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Back in School! :)

Woke up this morning and went to SCHOOL
Yes, I dropped by St. Anne's Community College to say hello to all the teachers while having a short casual Q and A session with the Transition Years about college life.

Also brought a chocolate cake with whipped cream and strawberries! Along with another carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Why? I brought these cakes along to the staff room upstairs and held a casual fundraiser for my volunteering trip to Poland! :)

Was really nice to meet all my past teachers while catching up with them.
First time I had a cup of coffee in the staff room for sure!

Came home and mum surprised me with some delicious
Tau Foo Fah! 
(Soya custard with black sugar)

And some Chee Cheong Fan (thin rice pancakes) with Oyster Sauce chicken

Not to forget, since I was back in Killaloe, met up and caught up with Darragh after many months!
Was supposed to meet Phelim too but he's preparing for his exams. 
Although it was a short visit, the weather was lovely!
And ketchup sessions are always good!

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