Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Andrea's 21st

It was Andrea's 21st and I decided to take on the task 3 days prior to her birthday to arrange something for her. As she's only been in Ireland for several months, thought it would be a nice treat for her to have a relatively memorable 21st birthday. 

Stephen told me about it on the Sunday and I decided to invite as many people and we'd head out for a simple dinner. In the end there were 8 of us including the birthday girl and her mum (who flew in to see her) and we ate at the M and L Chinese Restaurant on Cathedral Street in Dublin 1 (Birthday girl's choice).

The birthday girl and her mother, Muriel who was extremely lovely and friendly to get to know.

Jessica from London

Nathan also from London

Robert from Uganda and Cecil from Denmark!

Yours truly.
And we weren't posing, we were laughing because both of us lost our footing and almost fell face flat.
Clumsy is my our middle name.

The Oreo Cheese Cake I decided to make which ended up looking like a ginormous oreo cookie
T'was noms! 
Birthday candles courtesy of Tesco!

And we all signed her a card with little messages just wishing her happy birthday and all that jazz!
Was a good dinner with tasty food, a yummilicious cake and great friendship!

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