Friday, 20 June 2014

Chris & Forest in Dublin

After getting lost, Chris and Forest finally arrived at my house! Immediately, I brought them over for some good ol' Korean food at Han Sung Market. The servings are utterly huge I must say!
He had the kimchi (김치) noodle soup.

Forest had the bibimbap (비빔밥) - mixed rice

While I had the ddeokbokki rice cake (떡볶이) with ramen

Brought them all over the city and gave them a tour around Trinity College together with the entrance to the Book of Kells and The Old Library.

Stopped by KC Peaches for some delicious Bailey's Cheesecake and the Cheesecake brownie

Thanks Chris for treating us to both the Korean food and the dessert!

Also brought them over to the Science Gallery to try on the 3-piece suit.

St. Stephen's Green

And all the art pieces that were on display for sale along the fences of the park as well.

And some amazing street art on Grafton Street.

Had my last English class together with Naoya who has been my student for the past month three times a week. To be honest it was an amazing experience as I got to know about him, his family and his culture. Unfortunately as I'll be flying to Poland on Tuesday I can't continue classes but come September I might be able to resume for the remaining time he has in Ireland before heading to Japan!

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