Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Don't know if I'm elated or gassy, but I'm somewhere in that zone

So here's a rare occasion of a blog post being solely composed of words and void of photographs. Yesterday as of 6 in the evening, I received my results for my first year in college/university. Personally, based on my results of my assignments within the past college year, I constantly received 2.1s (Second Upper Class) and miraculously attained one First Class at the very end of both my semesters. Thus, when I awaited my examination results, I was really hoping for a 2.1 just not to have unrealistic expectations of a First. Not to forget that I was particularly worried about my Political Science module as it wasn't my forte. Thankfully with the help of Ciara and Megan (my little study group), I knew I would not fail.

But, I didn't expect to get a First in Political Science, nor a First Class Honours (70-100) in my overall grade. I attained 72% overall and joyful tears came about at the sight of the result beginning with a number "7". I still remember the schooling days where by anything beginning with a "7" would be atrociously unacceptable (to myself). I'm truly grateful and excited to say that I have conquered my first year of college and will continue the next come September.

On another exciting note,

I will be heading off to Poland in seven days together with Athiei to begin our adventure in volunteering to teach English together with Learning Enterprises. Excitement is an understatement of what I'm feeling right now. We will both land in Krakow and undergo orientation for five days. He will then be posted to Ryglice whereas I will be heading to Niedrzwica Duża for the rest of the four weeks.

Excitingly enough, I have already received the details of both my host families which I will be living with.
For the first two weeks, I'll be with the Suchanscy family and the Duda family. The best part is that I will be the bigger sister to two youngins in both families! Something, that I have never experienced before. Getting in contact with both families through e-mail is now so much fun!

Not to forget that I will be inter-railing to several countries within Europe after the Polish trip together with Athiei! :)

On another note, I've decided NOT to bring my laptop along so that I can fully submerge myself into the culture without spending excessive time on the Internet. Instead of blogging then, I will be using a travel journal and going old school, with writing my daily experiences. Perhaps I will photograph my book and post them up on my blog after the entire journey!

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