Sunday, 15 June 2014

Food Adventures with J.A.CK

Justin, Aik Hui, Chee Kin and I have been filling our bellies quite excessively within the past two days.
This began with a rather filling burrito bursting with flavour at Dublin's famous Boojum joint which I have heard extensively in the past college year and never actually ventured into the shop.

I must say it was the best burrito I've had. I had the pork option and it was absolutely delicious. The others tried the other meat options and all agreed that it was juicy.

Not to forget the six different bottles of hot sauce to choose from on the table.
However, I began to cry at the last bite forgetting that all the hot sauce got trapped at the end of the burrito

I brought them to Butlers to get their Hot Chocolate as it is a must-do here I believe.
And boy were they blown away with the intensity of the dark creamy chocolate.
Although slightly pricier than the typical hot chocolate it was absolutely worth it

They visited KC Peaches and began to drool at the display of tarts, cakes, brownies and so on.
Starring the raspberry pistachio tart!

Brought them to see the Dublin Castle as well as the Chester Beatty Library

Along with Kilmainham Gaol (Jail) which was an amazing place with many touching stories.
I, myself, had never been there either so it was equally as interesting to me.

Looking through an eyehole - A restored painting in one of the jail rooms which was inhabited by Grace Plunkett, a woman who was part of the Anti-Treaty IRA. Due to water leakages, the painting faded greatly and had to be restored, however it is an exact replica in the same position. Interestingly, it was not the first time Grace had been within the walls of Kilmainham Gaol as she previously got married in the chapel within the jail to another convicted man. They, however, did not exactly get their dream ceremony nor marriage as he was executed the very next day.

We headed to the Guinness Storehouse where all of them managed to get their certificate of pouring a pint of Guinness. My second one too!

Then we sat at the very top of the Guinness Storehouse drinking our pints of Guinness!

We went to Jindal for dinner and ordered it Chinese style - several dishes shared among all of us.
Stir-fried lamb with chilli and vegetables

Aubergine, potatoes, peppers and carrots

Sweet and sour battered cod

Crispy duck in hot garlic sauce

Deep fried sticky sweet potato!

The next day we took the long walking self-tour from Sutton to Howth and walked for hours (sometimes in the wrong direction thanks to yours truly). The walking was not the biggest worry, it was the need for the bathroom, more like it! Haha. After two hours of walking, we hopped on to a bus passing by and ate at the 


We shared a Bailey's Coffee!

Fish and Chips which was extremely fresh and not too greasy. The taste was really different, perhaps due to the fact that we were near the sea and the fish was relatively caught recently. 

Howth's Seafood Chowder with Brown Soda Bread

Juicy and Tender Lamb Shank with Mashed Potatoes, Carrots and Turnips

After feeding ourselves heartily to the brim, we climbed up the summit and speculated at the magnificent view.

It was spectacular and so was the weather as we didn't need to worry a bit about the possibility of rain. We managed to soak up some lovely vitamin D.

Not to forget we had a tasty 99 Vanila Ice Cream Cone (complete with the Cadbury Flake)

We almost fell asleep under the sun by the Howth Pier.

Unfortunately there were no seals popping out of the water (as some people have witnessed here before)
But the boats by the pier, the weather and everything was absolutely splendid.

Le Mini Lighthouse

Even seagulls leave footprints.

We ended the night with a proper humongous plate of Irish food at the Carvery in O'Neill's Park on Suffolk Street, Dublin 2. I know the photograph looks like a pile of random bits of food (which it is), but it was delicious!

Irish Bacon and Cabbage with Stuffing, Boiled Vegetables and Stuffing

Beef and Guinness Stew with Potatoes and Boiled Vegetables

A shared platter of greasy goodness
Hot Chicken Wings, Button Garlic Mushrooms, Spring Rolls, Chicken Skewers, Onion Rings and Wedges with Sweet Chilli Sauce, Salsa and a Blue Cheese Dip

We returned to KC Peaches for one last time as they just had to do it before returning to London / Malaysia.
Maple Pecan Slice

Vanilla Sponge Cake Layers with Chocolate Mouse coated with a Chocolate Ganache

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

We spent the rest of the time just chatting about nonsense and then they departed this morning.
It was really nice to meet you both (Aik Hui and Justin) for the first time, while catching up with you Chee Kin. It was really fun having all of you here and I hope you enjoyed yourself here in Ireland!! :)

We shall meet again :)

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