Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Glimpse of the Irish Sun

The sun has been good to us lately!
Last Saturday after worship practice, Ruben, Guillherme Danilo and I grabbed some Thai food and enjoyed it while sitting down in St. Stephen's Green!

Then yesterday, I had a spontaneous trip to Drogheda together with Elpidio, Henrique and Vitor. 
Fortunately it was a great sunny day (something that isn't too common around here). 
Elpidio picked us up and we headed over there for some music instrument window shopping along with the regular sightseeing. 

Spent awhile tinkling around with the instruments at the Sound Shop. Rows upon rows of guitars, violins, drums, accordions, keyboards, pianos, and many other things along with it. 

Saw the beautiful St. Peter's Cathedral with its intricate architecture.

The St. Lawrence Gate

Stop by Penneys for some fun.

Stopped by the Highlanes Gallery in Drogheda and there was an intriguing exhibition depicting the domestic Irish life through creative mediums. 
The picture above possibly explaining the large consumption of tea (mountain of tea bags on the floor), coffee and perhaps lemon juice with their pancakes. Interesting decision of the chairs not facing each other possibly highlighting the lack of communication within the society.

Thin strings forming a tangled irregular shape standing on four thin imbalanced sticks. 
Perhaps illustrating the interconnected Irish society where everyone seems to know everyone.

Possibly the 8 different things that are involved in navigating through life (centre block of the compass)
Health (hospital tags), Education (Scroll), Travel (Globe), War (Soldier), Marriage (couple), Grief and music (broken CD), Barriers (red grill) and nothingness?

While I was at the gallery, I received a text from my dad stating that my English teacher from secondary school, Miss McDonnell had passed away.
 I realised that she was the reason I could interpret literature and appreciate the beauty of the underlying messages portrayed through art. She was the reason I understood English on a whole new level. She has been by far, my best and favourite English teacher. Thank you for everything, you will be missed.

On another note, we threw Isa a farewell party as she flew back to Brazil yesterday morning.
Carmen prepared some burritos for us as Isa always claimed that burritos were a native Mexican dish and constantly asked Carmen to make some (while it isn't really a native dish)

We also celebrated her pre-birthday celebration as her birthday is approaching in a number of days. 
Carmen's delicious vanilla flan covered in lemon cream cheese icing.

Thank you for being an amazing roommate since last September and although it is sad to see you leave.
We know that you have the next adventure in life awaiting you in Brazil and who knows, you might return here one day! Or we might see you somewhere, some time.

We'll miss you Isa.

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