Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Let the summer commence!

So finally, I will be making my way to Poland in a couple of hours time from Dublin. For the first 5 days I will be in Krakow undergoing the orientation together with the other Learning Enterprises volunteers. After that I will then be heading to the village of Niedrzwica Duża to begin teaching English at the local school. Throughout the time there I will be living with two different Polish families, both for two weeks each and I've already gotten in contact with them!

Although I'm NOT BRINGING MY LAPTOP! I'm deciding to STAY CLEAR from my blog and jot my adventures down into a travel journal. I'm not too sure if I will photograph them and then post them on my blog but we shall see.

But, first of all, I want to thank every single person who has aided me in providing for my expenses for this trip. I've received several kind donations from family, college mates, school mates, flat mates, church mates and just AMAZING FRIENDS in general. These donations have accumulated into an amount that I never would have imagined. Also, a big thank you to God who blessed me with this opportunity and provided in unforeseen ways.

So I'll be off to Poland tomorrow with le Athiei! 
Early morning flight too!
Bring on the Polish adventure!

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