Friday, 13 June 2014

Seafield's Egg, Chicken and Juice in Dublin

After knowing this boy for almost 10 years, he comes to visit me in Dublin!
Chee Kin along with his two friends Aik Hui and Justin landed this morning and are actually currently sleeping in my living room while I'm typing this up. As all of them are currently studying in London, taking a cheap Ryanair flight over to me was always going to be included somewhere in the itinerary.

We stopped by KC Peaches while they began to drool at the window display of the assortment of cakes, cookies, brownies, tarts, pies and so on. They couldn't resist and proceeded to buy a cheesecake brownie and a decadent brownie which were both absolutely DIVINE.

The Irish Food Market was at the Merrion Square exactly on Thursdays which was conveniently on the day they arrived! When I found out that it was near the college, I figured it would be a mini haven for any travelling Malaysians as food seems to be our uniting interest.

There were two full rows of a variety of food tents to choose from and it was absolutely delightful!
So much variety and when sharing with four people, we were able to try so many different things and it only costed us 6.50 each in the end!

Melted Cheese Toastie with Pulled Ham

Pork Dumplings!

Beef Tagine with Couscous / Paella with Chicken and Chorizos

Chicken Schnitzel with Chips and Coleslaw!

Chee Kin, Justin, Aik Hui and I sitting on the grass at Merrion Square enjoying our absolutely lovely lunch in the shining sun.

Hanzel and Gretel Bakery - Fruit Tart scoffed up by Justin

At the National Gallery of Ireland

I took them to the Science Gallery in college as the "FAT" Exhibition was being held there and I've always wanted to pop in for a bit. There were many other experiments there relating to health and fat, but unfortunately due to ethical consent reasons, we were required to read it 7 days prior to arriving. However, we were given the opportunity to try on the 3-piece fat suit (not it's actual name but you get the point)

Aik Hui was the first to try on the suit and sitting down on the chair was no normal feat.

I tried it on too!

Chee Kin successfully squating while in the suit.

Justin feeling pretty happy with himself after being able to put on his shoes, tie the laces and remove them once more while wearing the suit.

I then brought them to see the Book of Kells and the Trinity Old Library. Interestingly, I must say that every time I go there, I learn something new. I\ve probably visited the library close to ten times!
This however just shows Aik Hui being unglam at the Trinity Old Library. We then bought cups of coffee and began to laze around in the grass in St. Stephen's Green.

The weather was absolutely stunning!
However, they were all rather tired and wanted to come back earlier.
So instead I cooked them some dinner!
Fried Chicken with Lemon Sauce, Broccoli in Oyster Sauce with Brown Rice

Then we began to look through the hundreds of old secondary school photographs on my laptop and continuously laughed for almost an hour! Abdominal exercise right there!

Here's to another adventure tomorrow!

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