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T.L.C. Day 5 & 6 - The Real Deal, Gala Dinner & End.

On 11 June, the Nobel Laureates and the well-esteemed journalists brought many interesting topics to the stage that both challenged our own beliefs and shook our moral compass.

  • Is the American Decline really happening? Many of them disagreed, however, the acknowledgement that countries like China is rising rapidly as a global superpower arose. Also, perhaps there isn't significant investment in Science done by the US.
  • Thoughts of how foreign policies should be used, but questions on when it goes too far
  • Nuclear power being seen through a safe option, but, in the hands of extremists may cause much damage
  • Climate change, due to greenhouse gases like CO2 and even Methane (often not remembered)
  • The choice of Europe against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) caused GMOs (E.g. golden rice) not to be available for the children who were lacking vitamin A due to poverty which caused 1.9-2.7 million unnecessary deaths which could have been combated if they had access to the rice which contained beta-carotene - possibly being a crime in human rights

Our breakout sessions then discussed the topics a little further:-
  • Economic interdependence between nations supposedly would cause 0% of war but they begin due to irrationality and emotions
  • Due to science being accessible, dangerous bombs can be learnt to be made through online videos
  • Good journalism is like a map - it should be an accurate summary of information, whereby it will send you in the correct direction if you wanted to find out more (to zoom in)

Myself, Dudley Herschbach, Sarah Ransahoff, Fatimah Alaya, Magogodi Makhene and Catherine Ni Rathallaigh then went to Umi Falafel for lunch instead!

It was an amazing treat as it was my first introduction to falafel (which was absolutely delish). We not only had an amazing spread of food, but we gained great insight from Dudley who gave us advice on how to maintain a marriage as he and his wife have been together for FIFTY years.

"Having the same humour is like the greatest glue for a marriage" was something along the lines that he said
It was very inspirational and endearing to listen to his stories, almost made some of us tear even.

But anywho, here are some photographs from the lunch!
Spinach and cheese spring rolls

Salad (not too sure which one exactly)

Falafel with a spicy sauce, hummus, sour cream, a pickle, chilli and a carrot. After lunch we had our final breakout session and we listened to how Jeff Greenfield and Peter Agre came to their respective fields and ended the session by urging us to

make sure we pursue something in life that we ENJOY

Just before the Gala Dinner at the Mansion House, some of us gathered under the camponile on campus for a group photograph.

All dressed to the nines.

We arrived at the Mansion House in Dublin, and had a drinks reception together with everyone along with continuous photographs being taken, left, right and centre.

Our mentors!
Magogodi Makhene, Raphael Magarik, Victor Hernandez, Sonja Helgeson, Tony, Sarah Ransahoff and Mae Gibson

Each of us also received a certificate of participation in the conference!

We were beautifully serenaded by a tremendous opera singer who was flown in from Texas who gave his own rendition of Porgy and Bess.

Irish actor, Brian Merriman, then read aloud two poems by Seamus Heaney.

Personal Helicon

Sirena Huang then took the stage and made our lungs gasp for air as she surprised us with her magnificent playing. I have never seen a person play the violin in such a passionate and talented manner. It was unbelievable, the speed and accuracy that she had. I was absolutely honoured to see her take the stage. My jaw dropped and so did everyone elses. You were brilliant Sirena!

Dinner was served!
A whiskey cured see trout, parsley puree, rye crisp bread with salad

Main Course
Roast cod, broccoli puree, baby fennel, herb crusted potatoes with a delicious creamy sauce.

Berry flavoured sherbet with an assortment of berries in a crunchy caramelised plate

Can't you see our utmost elegance at this dinner?

Sirena Huang!

It was a beautiful way to end the night, with joy, food, new found friends and a chat at Cafe en Seine.

The following morning, Elie Wiesel (4th from left) then held the closing session together with the invited role models who gave their feedback on the entire conference. 

Questions were asked and answered.
Hugs were given.
Goodbyes were said
Wishes were sent.

However, goodbyes are not forever, and they're really see-you-later's

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