Thursday, 10 July 2014

Artificial Lake & Sambal Udang Burrito

Today, it was all about the football as both my younger classes learnt the football terms as well as played football against one another. Thankfully there was an indoor gym as it was raining cats and dogs. Meanwhile as I promised my teenagers ice cream (but it was raining) we instead studied about DATING. Was pretty hilarious getting them to ask each other out and compliment one another in the class. Even better that there were only 2 boys and the rest were girls!

After classes, I managed to see the ARTIFICIAL lake today in near Lublin which was amazing.
Didn't expect this lake to be fake at all!

After our trip to the swimming pool once again, we headed to Aneta's house for dinner and she made some kebab seasoned chicken for the tortilla wraps to make into delicious burritos

Meanwhile, Tomek requested for more sambal udang (spicy chilli prawns) so that he could put it into his burrito! Man it was an amazing combination with the garlic sauce and chopped vegetables.

Home made burritos!

Anet and Powell, le neighbours

Kasia and Tomek!

So I have to sleep as I only have 4 hours of sleep left (due to my FIVE AM train tomorrow morning!)

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