Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Being Ridiculous with the Teens

Presenting the teenagers in my class who came today!
Today was meant to be football day...but that didn't last very long.

Marcin brought his ball for us but after playing for 10-15 minutes most of us got tired and stopped playing. I guess the gender ratio played a part in it as there were only 2 boys.

This photo basically sums up what I do in class, move around, do silly things in the hope that the teenagers would be entertained and interested at the same time.

Doing some jump shots with them!

Literally, what I look like each morning before every single class.
Thinking to myself, what am I even teaching today..are my plans even going to work?
Normally, they never do.

Randomly picking up Weronika because I felt like it.

My face at almost every class (especially with the young ones) attempting to get the attention of the students.
Was fun today being photographed by Agata, one of my students instead as she wanted to play around with my camera.

Came home to delicious homemade bigos (cabbage and meat) made by my host grandma

Also had a luxurious dark chocolate fondue with bananas, raspberries and cream made by Wiktoria!



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