Friday, 18 July 2014

Childhood moments & Firey Breath

Arrived into class today and saw this drawn out on the board with my wonderfully incorrectly spelt name.
I felt the love. Oh so much love from my 5-8 year olds. It's absolutely delightful.

I taught the young ones the weather today and the 10 year olds the various seasons. Got them all to draw out related items with the seasons with crayons. Then, I ended with the sticker and sweets give-away to those who could answer my questions recapping all that we have learnt in the past week or so.

Nearing the end of my high school class, I brought them out to the playground where they immediately got in touch with their inner child. Radek and Marcin ran for the see-saw and the girls for the swings.

Marcin and Radek didn't stop there as they headed towards the sand box and built themselves a castle. I wish my school had a sand box during my time. Would have been great.

After class, I returned back home to, once again, more kids. At this current host family, many of the students in my school are their relatives or neighbours so they tend to be at the house almost every day to play football or something. It's pretty awesome, at least there's always children around.
Although, I do enjoy my me time when I do get it. (like right now so I can blog!)

Had a delicious layered meal last night by mamo (mum-Marzena) who made zucchini, tomato, pasta and pesto with cheese - Italian styled. Gotta love some good ol' olive oil!

Today we had some tomato soup with rice and even had personalised name tags made by Wiktoria placed around the table.

I in turn, prepared some spicy chilli sambal prawns for their dinner along with some white rice and oyster sauce chicken and cabbage.

This was Micky's reaction immediately after consuming the prawn.

Victor (le cousin), immediately refilled his glass with more juice to quench the fire.

While my host mamo and dado attempted to eat with their hands which was suggested by Micky and then the entire table decided to continue eating with hands. It was hilarious. Seven of us in total were eating rice, prawns, chicken and vegetables with our hands in a little village, Niedrzwica Duza, in Poland.

Also, I've discovered the great kindness of my mamo and the crazy humour of my dado. The language barrier makes it all the more hilarious once we get our points across. 

I discovered a new way of "getting rid of hiccups" which in my case, did not work at all but it was extremely adorable. 
My mamo drew on my forehead with her finger while I had to guess what she was drawing. That supposedly takes our minds off the fact that we have hiccups and it goes away. I think she drew like five different things on my forehead and it bore no effect but it was rather fun I must say!

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