Monday, 7 July 2014

Food & Babies in Niedrzwica Duza

The food journey continues here in Niedrzwica Duża. First of all my host mum, Kasia, made some chicken noodle soup yesterday (Sunday) which supposedly is a Polish tradition! It was fairly tasty and reminded me of my own mum's chicken soup. Polish is quite similar to Asian soups where it's more thin than thick (in comparison to Ireland, for example)

She didn't stop there but continued to make a delicious swiss roll filled with toffee and cream and it is to die for! (Stealing the recipe!)

We visited one of their friend's houses which had a cherry tree and so many mosquitoes ( I am currently bitten all....over ) Atleast I got myself some delicious juicy fresh cherries!

Not to forget her friend had baked some chocolate sponge cake with cream, blueberries and jelly on top.

My family decided to have a barbecue which was absolutely phenomenal as nothing is better than Polish meat!

The variety of sizzling sausages!

Tomato, basil and olive oil salad
Apple, carrot, onion and cream salad
and bread!

Featuring Lena and her dad Powell (My host parents' neighbours)

Lena, the adventurous, cheeky, hyper, curious baby who occasionally head bangs into random objects.

Also had some tomato noodle soup, fruits and coffee with Aga (the mother of Jądrek, my student).
She invited me over and let me meet her six month year old daughter, Ewa.

She was so happy, smiley and easily amused and great to play with :)!
She had such chunky chicken thighs!
Mmmmm babies....:)

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