Thursday, 17 July 2014

Getting in touch with nature!

So, today I decided to bring the kids out to the playground within the school grounds. However, I didn't comprehend the lack of attention I would be given with the presence of the swings, slides and so on. So, instead I got them to chant out the item that they were on while playing. This girl in particular, Madga, continuously chanted

swing! swing! swing! swing! swing! 

with utter enthusiasm for a long time!

Piotrek monkeying around on the monkey bars. 

The younger class after that made some nature-themed bookmarks with random sticks and leaves they picked up outside.

The Picasso of the class, Marcin, who made his bookmark into the most 3D item possible.
That's a feather sticking out of it by the way.

Michał and Jakob with their pieces as well :)

As my parents are both florists, their talents don't stop in the shop. My host mum, Marzena, together with my host sister, Wiktoria, taught me how to make paper crepe flowers complete with wire stalks and all!

Our complete bouquet of paper roses at the end of the day, held by Maya, my host cousin.

Popped over to the neighbour's  (Kacper's)  house to play with their new kittens as well.

Kacper's brother, Kuba, enjoying a juicy cherry.
His eyes were such a clear blue they looked like fragile glass and added to his innocence.
That was until he got his hands on the toy car and started ramming into us. 
Along with the water gun.

A visit to my host grandmother's house was made (as she lives just two roads away).
She made some delicious white Borsch soup along with pierogi (dumplings) which are of course very traditionally Polish.

Here's one of the pierogi (dumplings) that is eaten with fresh cream and sugar on the top.
Interestingly, it is filled with sweet cheese and kasza (oat groats)

We had some naleśniki (Polish pancakes) for dinner spread with some home made truskawka (strawberry) jam and śmietana (cream) which Maya, Marzena, Wiktoria and I prepared together.

Not to forget the tomato noodle soup made by Marzena!

And the leftover pierogi ruskie (Russian dumplings filled with potatoes and cream cheese) which we then fried and enjoyed.

Also got treated to some whipped vanilla ice cream from one of my students, Agata, today!

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