Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Hello to the Duda's

Teaching the students today at school was rather chill as I did a recap of directions with the kids by leading them through a maze blindfolded while I brought the teens out for ice cream which they seemed to enjoy... I hope. I got them to act out ordering the ice cream in English with me while telling me what they bought and what it costs and such.

I then transitioned from Kasia's and Tomek's house to Marzena's and Stanisław's house. So I shall be living with a new family for the next two weeks. Both the parents are extremely friendly and I definitely have been using more Polish than before in the attempt to communicate better. Interestingly enough, it feels like a mini triumph once either of us gets our point across.

We spent our time playing Uno, mini Jenga and browsing through their family photographs. They even surprised me by giving me the master bedroom with the double bed for be to sleep while the parents will be sharing the bedrooms with their children. Wiktoria, my new host sister is also one of my students. Whereas, Mikołaj is in Kali's classroom too. Once again I shall flood this post with more food. as I was given much food and drink which was prepared by Marzena.

Firstly, she prepared some fresh blackberry cake which was absolutely heavenly.

Then, she prepared a spread of cold meats, cheese and bread.

Then, there came along her magnificently layered salad. Starting from the bottom, pasta, tuna, mayonnaise, sweet corn, boiled and chopped egg white, cucumber, mayonnaise and grated boiled egg yolk. It was so yummy.

Some pork cutlets which is a traditional Polish dish called kotlet schabowy which was prepared by Mikołaj.

He also prepared some boiled potatoes which was sprinkled with fried onions and chopped dill

Michał (one of my students on the left) also came to have lunch with us after school today! It's like the teaching never ends.

As both my parents are florists, today they received an order. From the Netherlands and the buyer was speaking in English. My host mum, Marzena passed me the. Phone and I managed to talk to the guy who wanted to deliver a bouquet of red roses to his girlfriend who happens to live five minutes away from us
he really wanted it delivered by today as she supposedly had a bad day. 

So, we put the bouquet together and successfully delivered the roses to her house at 8.20PM. Felt like such a great thing to do as the guy sounded so sincerely at wit's end. I'm glad that it worked out in the end.
Here's a fresh new start to a new host family in Poland!

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