Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Last night in Poland.

With some of the little girls that I teach in my class. We had a sticker frenzy today as the boys wanted to play football. So, instead I gave the girls a little pop quiz and gave stickers to whoever was able to answer.

The mad boys who were play football and have a passion for Simon Says.
Every day..they want to play that game. 

With Marta Montusiewicz, the local coordinator for the school that I taught at.

Enjoying the cool breeze with my teenagers at the park today.

We own this playground.

Kali got her class to make thank you cards for ME during one of their lessons so it was interesting getting a bunch of wonderful cards from students saying thank you even though I didn't even teach them!

My family and Kali's family headed for dinner together as it was my last night in Poland.

Automatically the younger girls sat together, while the boys grouped up and so did Kali and I.

We discovered the English menu with translation and we like how they depicted alcohol.


Not to forget that they served


Some good ol' lard spread with pickles on bread.

Mead! Miód pitny

Red Borsch soup with meat and dumplings

Tripe soup! (Flaki jak Flaki)

Pork Sirloin with honey-garlic sauce and potatoes
(Słodkie polędwiczki w sosie miodowo-czosnkowym)

We ended the night with good food and friendship.
Kali and I sat together with Wiktoria and Natalia on the giant wooden log swing outside the restaurant while belting out random songs including Spongebob's campfire song. We proceeded to dance to Pitbull's Hotel Room Service song. As you do on your last night in Poland.

Emotional indeed.

Also, on a totally irrelevant note, 
I decided to enter the K-Pop Festival Ireland Competition which basically asks for a video that has to be related to K-pop in some shape or form. Thankfully, there is no voting system so I decided to give it a go! So here's my mash-up of five of Exo's songs

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